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The Skin Space Consult

Skin Consultations are led by Nina, our qualified skin and body therapist and owner of Skin Space. They offer you a time and a peaceful space to talk about your skin and daily skincare requirements. Nina will help you find a solution to your immediate and long term skincare goals with the reassurance of knowing your natural skincare is coming from a place of integrity without compromise. 

The Skin Space Facial

Utilising our beautiful in-store collection of organic skincare, a Skin Space Facial is designed for your every requirement. A wonderfully soothing treatment that will refresh, nourish and protect your skin and calm mind and body.
- 1hr - $ 115

The Skin Space Massage

Massage Therapy is a form of therapy that involves hands-on-techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, promoting relaxation throughout your entire body. 

Regular massage therapy provides so many therapeutic benefits, from boosting energy levels, reducing pain, promoting muscle relaxation and facilitating emotional and physical healing.
- 1hr - $ 95

We look forward to meeting you. Visit us in-store or book an appointment alongside.