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The Skin Space collection of natural skincare is mostly sourced from New Zealand and Australia from talented artisans who produce their products with love and respect for our planet and all that reside on it.


Honestly created skincare that harness's the power of nature with healing botanicals, offering unique formulations that work synegestically with our bodies focusing on skin health, wellness and vitality.

Much of our collection is produced organically where producers source their ingredients through fair trade without the use of palm oil. We acknowledge and have understanding of the manufacturing of our skincare and only support products that are produced cruelty free. Where possible we support products that are contained in recyclable glass, paper and cardboard packaging. We are continually mindful of minimising our waste and endeavour to re-use and support sustainability.

Many of the skincare products within our collection are known as 'anhydrous' products, skincare that doesn't contain water. A water-less product formulation eliminates the need for synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers and other additives. Anhydrous skincare results in an extremely  pure product and provides the ultimate choice for those wanting to eliminate preservatives and additives from their skincare routine entirely. 

Our non-anhydrous skincare has also been very carefully considered. With a focus on minimalizing known sensitising ingredients we offer skincare that is packed full of wonderful botanical ingredients and advocate natural products that maintain the skins natural pH, barrier function and microbiome.  

We hold dear the belief in age-old remedies and the power of nature whilst enriching our knowledge with modern scientific studies.