Lavender Oil - 10ml

Lavender Oil - 10ml


100% pure lavandula x intermedia lavender oil in 10mll bottles.

The variety we have is known as Grosso, a hybrid of Lavandula augustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.

Our Lavender Oil comes from the wonderful “Lavender & Ewe” 200 spray-free lavender plants, located in the beautiful Marlborough region of New Zealand.

The variety is known as Grosso a hybrid between Lavandula augustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. It is a well-rounded plant with greenish-grey foliage which grows to a majestic height of around one metre when in flower.

The lavender oil’s fragrance is calming and relaxing and can be used in a oil burner, or a few drops can be added into your water as you run the bath.

Lavender Oil is also a very helpful aid to assist in a peaceful sleep, or to relieve a headache.  Add a few drops to a warmed flannel, place the flannel onto a freshly prepared hot water bottle and pop into your bed a few minutes before bedtime.

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