Botanic Breast Balm - 60g

Botanic Breast Balm - 60g


Comfort and soothe the aching breast. 

New Product: Archeus Botanic Breast Balm. Made it with herbs used over millennia by women to nourish, nurture and care for their breasts.

We've been looking forward to making this product available and we've been working on it for sometime. We made it because we want to help Nature help you through the tough stuff.

Botanic Breast Balm is a lovely product to nourish and condition the breast area generally. It is a natural way to support the calming and healing of the breast area and can be a friend at hand after medical interventions. 

Violets and violet leaves have been a traditional herb associated with the care of women's breasts and reproductive tract. We harvest violets growing organically on the Archeus property and gently infuse certified organic oils with their beneficial properties in order to make this balm.

Plantain has been used traditionally for wounds and Helichrysum italicum is renowned for its support of scar healing.

The balm can be applied to the breast area as often as required.

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A lovely way to add some additional Nature support at this time is to use our Plant Essences and Elixirs to help with emotional states of being. These remedies are made exclusively from plants growing on the Archeus property and are selected to bring their energy to help you with yours.

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